Follow These Six Tips To Save Money And Time During The Back To School Season!

Follow These Six Tips To Save Money And Time During The Back To School Season!

Follow these six tips to save money and time during the back to school season:


1. What do you already have?

To avoid unnecessary shopping trips and expenses, take some time to go through your home to see if any of the stationary supplies that you already have, such as binders, calculators or art supplies, can be reused.  


 2. See what fits

Heading back to school season is a great reason to go through your children’s clothing to make sure it all still fits.  If things don’t, make space for stuff that does by donating outgrown items to charity or a clothing drive. If you have multiple children who are separated in age, saving your eldest’s clothes for the younger one will help extend the lifecycle of your closets, and save you money. 


3. Make a list and set a budget

Once you have assessed which clothes and supplies you need for the new school year, create a list and come up with a firm budget to work within.  This is a good opportunity to involve your children to teach them about budgeting.


4. Follow your favorite stores

Most companies share sales and promotions via email or social media. To help you stay within your budget, stay in-the-know when it comes to special deals by following your favourite stores on Facebook and Twitter, or subscribe to their emails. 


5. Plan the shop

Once you have gathered coupons or noted which stores have sales, it’s a good idea to plan out your shopping trip to make the most of your time and energy. Organize your list into sections based on what you need at each store. To help stay within your budget, don’t forget about your local dollar store for school supplies!


6. Don’t shop by brands

Children always want the latest and trendiest items, whether it’s a Hugo Boss t-shirt or a Star Wars backpack, but brand name designer items will empty your wallet and break the budget fast. It’s always a good idea to research comparable items that you can purchase for a fraction of the cost. 

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